JSP for RTI Act Objectives Form
Basic Details Objectives Appeals Penalties
RTI Act: Objectives
Overall Goal: To Promote Transparency and Accountability in the Working of every Public Authority

Key Objective: Provide for setting up the practical regime of right to information for citizens’ to secure access to information under the control of public authorities.
Section Subject
1 Short Title, Extent and Commencement
2 Definitions
3 Right to Information
4 Obligations of Public Authority
5 Designation of Public Information Officers
6 Request for Obtaining Information
7 Disposal of Request
8 Exemption from Disclosure of Information
9 Grounds for Rejection
10 Severability
11 Third Party Information
12 Constitution of Central Information Commission
13 Term of Office and Conditions of Service
14 Removal of Chief Information Commissioner or Information Commissioner
15 Constitution of State Information Commission
16 Term of Office and Conditions of Service
17 Removal of State Chief Information Commissioner or State
18 Powers and Functions of Information Commissioners
19 Appeals
20 Penalties
21 Protection of Action in Good Faith
22 Act to have Overriding Effect
23 Bar of Jurisdiction of Courts
24 Act not to Apply to Certain Organisations
25 Monitoring and Reporting
26 Appropriate Government to Prepare Programmes
27 Power to Make Rules by Appropriate Government
28 Power to Make Rules by Competent Authority
29 Laying of Rules
30 Power to Remove Difficulties
31 Repeal

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